Everybody Loves Cupcakes

Look out for our famous Travel’n Cupcakes trailer at the local markets on weekends.

Everybody Loves Cupcakes

Contact us for all your cupcake needs or order yours online. We could be of service at your next special event or market.

Everybody Loves Cupcakes

We could be of service at your next special event or market. Contact us anyway because everybody loves cupcakes.


We do offer a set range of cupcakes for various type of functions or we could make the dream cupcake for your occasion.

Corporate Cupcakes

Let us custom design cupcakes fitting for your next office tea or function to showcase your brand and market your idea.

Book Our Trailer

Hire our trailer for your next function or party and get awesome deals with cupcakes and milkshakes included.

Our Portfolio

Chocolate Bliss
– Chocolate cake with dark chocolate Ganache
Top Deck
– Vanilla cake with dark chocolate ganache
– Caramel cake with blended caramel frosting, topped with a dash of caramel.
Caramel Pop
– Caramel cake, blended caramel frosting, topped with caramel popcorn and drizzled with caramel
– Vanilla cake filled with strawberry coolie and topped with strawberry blended frosting
Pinky Marshmallow
– Vanilla cake filled with marshmallow melt, topped with pink frosting and decorated face

Apple Crumble
– Cinnamon apple and almond cake with creamy frosting, topped almond bits
Coco Pineapple
– Coconut pineapple cake with creamy frosting topped with pineapple and coconut bits
Romany Rumble
– Romany cream cookies crumbled and baked into the chocolate cake, topped with crunchy cookie bits and chocolate frosting.
Choc Nut Crunch
– Chocolate cake with a dash of ganache, rolled in peanuts, white and dark choc chips.
Cookie Monster
– Chocolate cake with blue buttercream frosting, decorated with eyes and muncing a cookie.

Gourmet Cupcakes:

Order Sizes & Cost
12-50 R 10 /cupcake
51-100 R 9 / cupcake
100+ R 8 / cupcake
Any combination and minimum order of 12.
Your final invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

School Cupcakes:

Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate cake with basic buttercream icing.

Order Sizes & Cost
R 7 / cupcake
Any combination and minimum order of 12.
Your final invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Book our trailer for events in your area.

Basic booking @ R 500 which includes x 35 cupcakes of your choice.
Best of Both booking @ R 900 includes x 35 cupcakes and 20 milkshake (350 ml) of your choice.
Trailer only @ R 150 per event with cupcakes @ R 10 and milkshakes @ R 20 for sale.

Traders wanted along the Garden Route.

You will represent Travel’nCupcakes at Events and Markets, selling gourmet cupcakes and milkshakes to the public.
Purchase your Travel’nCupcakes Trailer or Mini Trailer.
Choose your Trading Area.
Training and Merchandise provided.
Traders to purchase (@ traders price) and collect stock from MosselBay HQ.

Let’s brand your cupcakes.

Contact us to brand your company logos, we can custom make your cupcakes to suit your next corporate event. For a special birthday we could add names and messages.

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